McKinsey's Go-To Business Schools

Photograph by Peter Hilz/Redux

Everybody has their favorites, and top MBA employers are no different. Many of the most coveted employers focus on a relatively small handful of MBA programs, hiring far more graduates at those schools than anywhere else.

In collecting information for Bloomberg Businessweek’s Best B-School ranking to be published Nov. 15, we asked schools to tell us which employers hired the most 2012 MBA graduates and how many they hired. That information allows us to identify the “go-to” schools for the biggest employers in each industry.

To rank the top “go-to” schools for each employer, we first identified the 10 schools in our sample where the most 2012 MBA graduates took jobs at the company. We then ranked those 10 based on the percentage of the graduating class those hires represent. So a school where an employer hired 20 graduates may rank lower than a school where only 10 graduates were hired, if those 10 graduates represent a larger percentage of the class than the 20 hires do at the first school.

Some schools, including Harvard Business School, NYU’s Stern School of Business, and London Business School, did not provide complete information on top MBA employers and were not included in this list.

The following table shows the top schools for McKinsey, the elite management consulting firm that is among the most desirable MBA employers in any industry. Among the more than 100 schools participating in this year’s ranking, McKinsey hired 387 MBA graduates, making it the biggest as well.

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