Menswear E-Tailers Peddle Salvation in a Box

Male shoppers seeking refuge from the mall are driving growth in apparel sales online
Sales of menswear online are growing at a 13 percent clip. members often post pictures of themselves in their new duds Photographs by Christopher Starbody for Bloomberg Businessweek

Steven Kaplan dreads everything about department-store shopping: the too-loud music, the harried salespeople, the 10 or more brands of identical pants and shirts. The good news is, he never has to go back. “I will literally just go online, push a button, and have something that fits delivered to my door,” says the 31-year-old music entrepreneur. The Brooklyn resident recently signed up with Bonobos, a menswear e-tailer that made its name marketing pants tailored to different body types. “I need someone to tell me what to wear and remember me.”

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