Julie Corbett: Bottles Inspired by the iPhone

Bottles inspired by the iPhone
Photograph by Kevin Kunishi for Bloomberg Businessweek

The iPhone prompted many people to dream big when it made its debut in 2007. Julie Corbett’s spark came from the paper pulp tray it arrived in. Not only was the material sturdy and biodegradable, the shape was elegant and the feel was natural. “I fell in love with it,” she says. Despite not having a design background, she started to toy with the idea of a molded pulp shell that could snap around a plastic pouch to hold liquid. She found the parts added up to an unusual bottle that looked natural and used much less plastic than conventional bottles. When it was empty, consumers could break the pieces apart to separate the plastic and pulp for recycling. In 2008 the Canadian native quit her investment management job to form Oakland (Calif.)-based Ecologic Brands and work on a prototype.

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