Indian Companies Are America-Bound

Outsource companies hire U.S. tech workers to sidestep visa woes
Indians -- including outsourcing workers hoping to go to the U.S. -- petition Lord Vishnu Photograph by Sanjit Das for Bloomberg Businessweek

The southern Indian city of Hyderabad is home to the 500-year-old Chilkur Balaji Temple, which features a statue of Lord Vishnu, the Hindu deity. The monument has become a magnet for workers such as Ravi Shanker, who seek divine help in securing a work permit from Washington, D.C. Shanker, who lives in Bangalore, works for Kodiak Networks, a telecom services company in Plano, Tex., and the company needs him stateside to help its client AT&T develop software. “A visa is not under my control, my employer’s control, or my country’s control,” says Shanker. “The only way to change my luck is through God.”

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