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Book Review: 'Why I Left Goldman Sachs,' by Greg Smith

Greg Smith’s bitter goodbye to the firm he once loved
Smith is unaware how awesome he thinks he is
Smith is unaware how awesome he thinks he isIllustration by Daniel Horowitz

Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story
By Greg Smith
Grand Central Publishing
277pp; $27.99

Goldman Sachs, as Greg Smith tells it in Why I Left Goldman Sachs, didn’t treat its clients very well. He was so upset about this that he quit. But instead of giving two weeks’ notice and heading off to some pub to toast his 12 years at the company, Smith sent an editorial to the New York Times. Then he grabbed his stuff from his London office on a Saturday night when he knew no one would be in and flew back to New York. The article ran the following Monday, March 14. A media pile-on and a $1.5 million book deal followed.