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Can Livestrong Live Without Lance?

Can Livestrong Live Without Lance?
Photograph by Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images

Now that Lance Armstrong has been found guilty of doping, stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, dropped from nearly all his endorsement deals, and prompted to resign as chairman of the foundation that bears his name, the question for Livestrong is whether it can succeed without him.

Today, Livestrong is a $46.8 million enterprise with a dizzying list of programs. It helps cancer patients understand the health-care system, lobbies for federal resources for cancer prevention programs, and provides emotional support groups for survivors and their families. Last year it even launched a line of “non-toxic” sunscreen. One thing it doesn’t do: donate to cancer research. Livestrong focuses on “survivorship research,” or everything about what it’s like to live with cancer. Its brand has been closely tied to Armstrong’s, and its revenue has risen and fallen with his career.