Monetization Be Damned

Photograph by 20th Century Fox Film Corp/Everett Collection

BSV 5800753199536668672 ‹GO›
Bloomberg Social Velocity alert for Google Inc. (GOOG)
Expected Postings: 11.9
Actual Postings: 411
Time Range: OCT 18 16:30-17:00 EDT
A BSV alert is triggered by an unusually high number of social media postings on a company. Run {BSV ‹GO›} to see more alerts.
-0- Oct/18/2012 20:45 GMT.

—Social Velocity Alert for Google, Bloomberg News, Oct. 18, 2012

One of the great and useful Bloomberg functions is the Trading Envelope. It measures the sweat of the moment.

What you need to know is that the bell curve of the various heights of your high school classmates measures “normal” as two standard deviations from the average. (Think basketball stud and short, cute gymnast.)

Google, yesterday, pegged in the vicinity of 3.8 non-normal standard deviations—south—as market participants adjusted to the new Search reality.

The new reality is that the hoi polloi of tech-nation do not make the rules.

The customer does.

And with a vengeance: For Google, Facebook, Groupon, and the rest seeking good, not evil, the customer has spoken.

Alert! Social Media alert! There is an “unusually high” level of sweat.

With “velocity,” the Smartphone Age is upon us: Monetization be damned. Discuss.

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