Is America as Respected Throughout the World as It Was?

An American flag burns outside the U.S. Embassy during a protest on Sept. 11, 2010, in London Photograph by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

From cabdrivers’ views of the U.S. under President Obama, to a graphical portrait of the U.S.-China economic relationship, to a consideration of American inequality and opportunity, we examine America’s place in the world in the past four years:

What Cabdrivers Think of Obama

Video: Is the U.S. Better Off? Ask a Cabdriver

The Debt-Ceiling Crisis: An Epic Humiliation

Post-Debt Crisis, No Consequences

Video: Better Off: How Damaging Was the Downgrade, Really?

Foreign Policy: Obama Mended Some Ties and Strained Others

Democracy Rises in the Middle East

Guantánamo Is Still Open

Call It Chimerica: The U.S. and China Grow Ever Closer

Amid a Great Arctic Thaw, the Water Is Rising

‘Made in USA’ Still Sells

The Gap Between Rich and Poor Widens

Leaving Behind No Child Left Behind

The Inequality Incentive

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