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What Hardware Companies Should Know About Kickstarter

What Hardware Companies Should Know About Kickstarter
Photograph by Ichiro/Getty Images

While Kickstarter has changed its rules to make it clearer that the site isn’t just a store for hardware products, many companies that make actual products are still listing there. But two projects, one making motherboards and one a new type of chip, are struggling, leading me to wonder if Kickstarter is even the right place for geeky hardware plays.

Almost two weeks in, Adapteva, which is trying to bring an alternative chip architecture to the masses, is only a third of the way toward its funding goal. Xi3, a rethink of computer motherboard and chassis design, has raised only $38,123 of $250,000 (at time of publication) with 17 days left to go. Meanwhile, projects associated with the Internet of Things have topped their goals, and other toy tech-related projects are also doing well.