Q&A: How Polaroid Paved the Way for Apple

The author of "Instant: The Story of Polaroid" reveals the many parallels with Apple
Portrait of American scientist, inventor, and businessman Edwin Land (1909 - 1991), co-founder of Polaroid, demonstrating the '60-second film,' in 1963. Photograph by Fritz Goro/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Once upon a time there was a college dropout with big ideas about products that would reshape human behavior. From that unyielding vision and the force of his personality, he took a garage startup to the heights of industry, creating products that defined new markets and became part of the vernacular. When a giant competitor, who was also a supplier, came up with a knockoff of his most popular product, he was incensed. So his company went to court and won a record-breaking patent settlement.

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