Pizza Patrón's Latin Appeal

Advertising only in Spanish, Pizza Patrón courts Hispanic consumers
Teaser signs at the new store outside Chicago. Mexican customers are encouraged to pay in pesos Courtesy Pizza Patrón

You want chorizo on your pizza? “No habla Ingles?” And you only have Mexican pesos to pay for your meal—in Chicago? No problem at Pizza Patrón. While the Dallas-based pizza purveyor certainly isn’t the first restaurant chain to target Latinos, it may well be the most dedicated. Owner and founder Antonio Swad is unapologetic about the eatery’s tactics to draw Latino diners, who can pay in pesos and get change in dollars, and occasionally get special deals on pizzas ordered in Spanish. “We’re not interested in being a broad brand,” says Swad, who requires most of his employees to speak English and Spanish. He says his way of doing business has upset “a lot” of people, but that’s fine because “they’re not our core customer.”

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