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FreedomPop’s Freemium 4G Data Service Goes Live

FreedomPop???s Freemium 4G Data Service Goes Live
Photograph by Martin Soeby/Gallery Stock

FreedomPop has officially launched its long-awaited beta service, giving all comers a free 500 megabytes of 4G data each month. The mobile virtual network operator, which uses Clearwire’s WiMAX network, will offer an array of prepaid plans for customers who want more data. But, as promised, it’s supplying the means for customers to “earn” more megabytes through its unique social media strategy.

Customers can bring their total monthly data allotments to 1 gigabyte via two means: by adding other FreedomPop subscribers to the carrier’s internal social network of users, or through special promotional offers such as filling out an online survey or watching a video ad. The social element, however, isn’t a mere referral service in which you get a one-time bonus for bringing a new customer to the network. You continue to receive the 10-MB-per-person bonus as long as your contacts remain active subscribers to the network (and they remain your friends).