The Airstream Office

Tricked-out Airstream trailers—the liberated worker’s office on the go
Jenkins lived out of his trailer in Sauvie Island when he went to Oregon last summer to consult for Nike and Google Photograph by Ben Jenkins

The first time Ben Jenkins met Billy Gibbons, the guitarist and lead singer for the rock band ZZ Top, they sat in Jenkins’s 1958 Airstream trailer in the parking lot of the Four Seasons Hotel outside Dallas. “The meeting was supposed to be at the hotel bar, but once he heard I had the trailer in tow, he commandeered a hotel golf cart and we went out to do the meeting at the trailer,” says Jenkins, the 39-year-old owner of the Texas design company OneFastBuffalo, whom Gibbons had hired to help launch an online store. Jenkins bought the renovated trailer four years ago. It serves as a mobile office and, occasionally, his second home.

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