China's Megacities-to-Be

Second-tier cities are growing faster than the national average
Changsha, home to some of China’s most popular TV shows, sees many celebrities—and their impersonators Photograph by Imaginechina

“Nicky” Wu Qilong, a 41-year-old action star with a well-greased mohawk, no longer has the unlined face of his glory days, not that his twentysomething female fans care. On a September afternoon they squealed as he swaggered onto the set of the talk show Fei Chang Kao Pu (Very Trustworthy) and shook hands with celebrity host Wang Han. It was Wu’s second appearance in as many months on a show produced by the popular Hunan Broadcasting System, and he joked about his frequent trips to the capital of China’s south central Hunan province: “I come so often to Changsha, I should make a home here.”

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