How Knock Out! Improved Underwear

A D.C. lingerie company goes where no other has dared
A model in Knock out skivvies Courtesy Knock out!

Angela Newnam’s quest to make the perfect pair of underwear began with camouflage. It was 2009, and the textiles consultant-turned-stay-at-home-mom had combed through hundreds of patents in search of a technology that would wipe out the unmentionables—odor and moisture—in unmentionables. She learned that Dan River, a textiles company that closed in 2008, was selling a patent for No Trace, an odor-absorbing solution developed for hunting apparel so deer wouldn’t be tipped off by the smell of a sportsman’s sweat. Newnam bought up all the No Trace camouflage gear she could find on EBay. Then she got out her scissors.

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