The Startups on San Francisco's Billionaire's Row

San Francisco’s Billionaire’s Row is a thriving entrepreneurial hive
From left: FathomDB's Justin Santa Barbara, DODOcase's Patrick Buckley, and Cartelligent's Howard Swig Photograph by Ryan Young for Bloomberg Businessweek

In a city full of weird and wonderful thoroughfares, Broadway Street remains one of San Francisco’s finest. It begins at the water’s edge and runs past the Financial District, the strip clubs and Italian eateries of North Beach, and the eclectic mix of stores in bustling Chinatown. After the Broadway Tunnel, the street traverses hilly, residential neighborhoods until it arrives at Pacific Heights and an especially impressive stretch of real estate known as Billionaire’s Row. This is where the moneyed—old and new—enjoy the finer things in life, such as ample parking.

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