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A Top Beer Sommelier Assesses Obama's Home-Brew Recipe

A Top Beer Sommelier Assesses Obama's Home-Brew Recipe
Illustration by 731; Photographs by Getty Images

“That should be a peacemaker!” Such was the initial critique tweeted by Ray Daniels, one of the country’s leading authorities on good beer, last Saturday after getting his first glimpse of the most closely, if not-so-seriously, guarded national secret of the summer: President Obama’s own recipes for home-brewed libations.

The commander in chief’s penchant for do-it-yourself booze has caused a buzz since August, when it became known that he keeps a stockpile of his own homemade, White House–branded beer aboard his campaign bus. As proof, Obama handed out a bottle of White House Honey Ale to a coffee shop patron who requested it at a tour stop in Knoxville, Iowa. And right now, using beer as a campaign prop makes particular sense: His opponent, Mitt Romney, is a Mormon teetotaler.