Patti Hart on Stepping Down From Yahoo's Board

The chief executive officer of International Game Technology on stepping down from the board of Yahoo! after being accused of padding her résumé
Illustration by Jimmy Turrell

I was in Vienna on vacation with my son and husband. In the middle of the night, my phone started ringing, and my e-mail started flooding. Dan Loeb, a Yahoo investor, had accused [CEO] Scott Thompson of lying about his degree and challenged my academic credentials, too. I am one of the most vetted CEOs in the country. When I got a degree in business administration in 1978, my areas of focus were marketing and economics. Back then you only had broad-based degrees with areas of emphasis. At some point along the way, as press releases were being written, people highlighted the focus by saying I had a degree in marketing and economics. Scott had been portrayed as having a computer science and accounting degree. [It was in accounting.] It was a little ridiculous. Would we have hired Thompson if it did not say he had a degree in computer science? Yes.

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