We Need the Smoke-Filled Room

Photograph by Camera Press/Redux

Production in France recently halted, with one factory remaining operational in the Netherlands. This is mainly due to the rise on tobacco levies imposed by the French government in the wake of health advice, which has forced the price of French cigarettes up to the level of those from the USA, with the more aggressively promoted brands such as Marlboro now taking the majority market share. During 2010, the size and content of regular Gitanes was reduced.

—”Gitanes,” Wikipedia

A report of a 1763 meeting of this group said, “..selectmen, assessors, collectors, fire-wards and representatives are regularly chosen [there] before they are chosen in the town … There they smoke tobacco till you cannot see from one end of the garret to the other.”

—”Smoke-filled Room,” Wikipedia

Al Hunt was in the 1763 garret.

I’m sorry, I miss the proverbial smoke-filled lungs. Long ago, far away, I “enjoyed” Gitanes. (Consider them as a trés nasty, trois-dimensional Marlboro Light. Great for gaining the attention of art chicks.)

In this 2012, consider a sanitized Tampa, a sanitized Charlotte. Al Hunt is free and clear, breathing Tampa Mountain High. Meanwhile, the marginal delegate is “enjoying” the Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Torpedo at some non-PC bar.

America? Non-PC America? Our political lungs, capitol, heart, and economic soul are crushed. We desperately need economic growth and political courage and spirit.

We need an ever-so-modest bit, a Gitane-induced haze of the Huntian garret. Difficult decisions will need to be made. The Governor, the President, and we need the smoke-filled room. Discuss.

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