B-School News Roundup

MBA students know that they will need to dress appropriately, but they might not realize how many outfits they will need Photograph by Michael Turek/Getty Images

B-School Watchdog: Law Addresses NY’s Private Business Schools (Crain’s New York Business via the Associated Press)

Add These to the Packing List: Four Unexpected Things You’ll Need at Business School (U.S. News & World Report)

An Indian Business School With Global Ambitions: Business Schools Are a Tough Business (The National)

A Different Approach for Aspiring B-School Entrepreneurs: Lessons on Buy-ins as Well as Lessons on Startups Are Needed (Financial Times)

Publishing Company Starts For-Profit School in the U.K., With Business Focus: Pearson to Launch a College (Wall Street Journal)

A New Green B-School Building: Boise State Dedicates New Micron Business and Economics Building (Idaho Statesman)

Hockey Mania: Tuck Ice Hockey League Provides Popular Social Outlet (The Dartmouth)

A Partnership With Benefits for Indian B-School Students: Indian and Western Colleges Set Up Joint Study Programs (New York Times)

Xavier’s Business Accelerator Spurs Job Growth in Cincinnati: Regional X-Lab Open for Business (Community Press & Recorder)

Long-Running MBA Dispute Comes to an End: WVU Closes Book on Fraudulent Awarding of MBA (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

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