For Richest Retirees, It's Shuffleboard in Seattle

A Seattle suburb is the richest retiree town in the U.S.
Photo illustration by Jesse Lenz; People: Digital Vision/Getty Images; Seattle Skyline: Michele Westmoreland/Photodisc/Getty Images

America’s wealthiest retirees are shunning the sun. Hunts Point, a Seattle suburb with more than 150 days of rain a year and about 400 residents, including Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, had an average household retirement income of $200,431 in 2010. That puts it at the top of Bloomberg’s list of towns with the richest retired residents. “Most of the homes are on the water or near the water,” says Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow. “It’s right across the bridge from Seattle, it’s near Microsoft, and of course it’s a very pretty place.”

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