A Stop on the Michael Phelps Press Tour

Pitching shampoo is as dull as swim races are exciting
Photograph by Chris Graythen/Getty Images for Visa

Michael Phelps got out of the pool for the last time as a competitive swimmer on Saturday night after swimming the butterfly leg of the U.S. team’s gold medal 100-meter medley. By Sunday afternoon he was into the first lap of his new full-time career as a pitchman. The Greatest Olympic Athlete of All Time started with a press conference hosted by Visa. The next stop on Monday morning was at the “P&G Salon” in London’s Marylebone, where Head & Shoulders named him its “first-ever confidence ambassador.” (The International Olympic Committee prohibits (PDF) athletes from shilling for companies that are not Olympic sponsors during the Games, so Subway will have to wait until August 15 to name him envoy of foot-longs.)

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