An Olympic Pub Crawl (and Business Survey)

The London pub trade is up and down, but mostly down
Patrons watch the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony in a pub in central London. Photograph by Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images

Our tour begins at All Bar One near the foot of the JPMorgan Chase tower in Canary Wharf on Thursday afternoon. My guide Jess, a London friend, tells me the place is normally “slammed” with bankers this time of the week. There are a couple of tables full of men in standard-issue finance wear inside, but mostly the very long bar is very empty. “We rely on the people from the offices,” says deputy manager Patricia Jones, “and they are not here.” Last year this same week, she says, the bar took in £94,600 ($147,600). This year, it’s on pace for about £65,000. Most of the regulars disappeared once the Olympics began last Friday. And while there has been an uptick in tourists, it’s not enough to make up for the missing finance crowds.

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