Shuttlecocks and Misplaced Rage at the Olympics

Hate the game, not the players
Wang Xiaoli (R) and Yu Yang (L) play a shot during their women's double badminton match against Kim Ha Na and Jung Kyung Eun of South Korea. Photograph by Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images

“You cannot do this in an Olympic Games, this is something that is not acceptable,” former British badminton silver medalist Gail Emms told the Daily Mail after four pairs of women tried to lose matches on Tuesday at Wembley Arena. “It was just disgraceful.” She was part of a chorus calling the display shameful and unacceptable. Fans at Wembley booed and chanted “off, off, off.” The outrage is understandable, especially from the fans. When you pay to see world-class athletes compete, you expect that they will. But oaths to the Olympic spirit notwithstanding, the players are not the main culprits in this scandal.

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