B-School News Roundup

A new survey shows business school applicants expect to earn $133,000 after completing their MBAs, up from a target of $111,000 last year. Photograph by Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg

Great Expectations: MBAs Have Sky-High Hopes for Salaries (Wall Street Journal)

Getting Down to Business: Kellogg’s New Entrepreneurship Leader Wastes No Time in Adding Classes (Chicago Business)

A More Holistic Approach to MBA Admissions: Testing Times as Schools Increase Admissions Diversity (Financial Times)

Home Sweet Home’s Growing Appeal: With MBA from U.S., Indians Return to Do Business at Home (Economic Times)

Getting in Through the Back Door: Forged Transcripts and Fake Essays: How Unscrupulous Agents Get Chinese Students Into U.S. Schools (Time)

California State University, Sacramento Puts Down Roots in Asia: Sacramento State to Launch MBA Program in Singapore (Sacramento Bee)

No More Risky Business: Risk Management a Hot Topic at Olympics—and at Business Schools (Globe and Mail)

University of Alabama at Birmingham B-School Dean’s New Post: David R. Klock Named Dean at FIU College of Business (Miami Herald)

Impact of Social Media Outreach Among Applicants Remains Hazy: Study: MBA Programs Don’t Connect Social Media Dots (U.S. News & World Report)

Love for Sports Leads to Moment Holding the Torch: London Business School Alumni Carry Olympic Flame (The Financial)

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