For NFL Teams, It Pays to Move

A Rams’ return to L.A. would hinge on stadiums and fiscal concessions
The Rams in 1967 in their L.A. glory days Football: Getty Images; Suitcase: Getty Images; L.A. Rams: Corbis; Cleats: Getty Images

For the past 17 years, Los Angeles has been the National Football League’s lost city of gold. The second-largest media market in the U.S. hasn’t had an NFL team since both the Rams and Raiders left town after the 1994 season in search of new stadiums. Now, the league appears ready for a return to L.A., and one of the most likely candidates to relocate there is none other than those same Rams, currently playing in St. Louis. The team’s potential round trip illustrates team owners’ continual success at playing cities against one another to gain access to public funds.

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