Why They All Want Gloria Allred

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a corporate general counsel like a call from celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. Is she a women’s rights crusader, a cynical profiteer, or both?
"It's my duty to work like this," Allred says. "The problems that women have don't stop on Saturday at 5 o'clock" Photograph by Brian Finke for Bloomberg Businessweek

Gloria Allred believes there’s an epidemic of sexual harassment and discrimination against women in companies across America. “Grabbing women by the butt. Putting their hand down their shirt. Groping their breasts,” she says over dinner one night in New York, describing the cases she hears about all the time between bites of branzino, no butter. Allred’s compact, ageless body is sheathed in a melon-colored jacket that pops off a TV screen, and she barely blinks when she speaks. “Putting their hand up into their private, genital area. And grabbing,” she continues. “Forcing them to watch pornography. Taking them on business trips and making sure they come into their bedroom. Making promises that are never kept. It is truly revolting.”

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