Office Olympics: Game On

Log out and lace up: It’s time to go hard or go home in the Office Olympiad
Photograph by Charlie Engman for Bloomberg Businessweek

At the opening ceremony for Snagajob’s annual Office Olympics, representatives of different nations cheerfully parade through the event grounds (a parking lot) in colorful costumes (T-shirts, mostly) and wow spectators with (loosely) choreographed dances designed to rally enthusiasm for the contests of skill and shamelessness that will follow. This year, Egypt’s team dressed as mummies. Belize showed up in grass skirts and inner tubes. North Korea wore drab, military-style outfits and marched obediently in perfect formation. Ireland? They made a memorable entrance with live sheep. “We also dressed in IRA garb and carried rifles,” says Greg Moyer, chief people officer at Snagajob, a Richmond (Va.)-based hiring company. “And of course we had to do a little drinking.”

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