Angela, Meet Darius

Darius the rabbit Photograph by Caters News Agency

1 pct GDP fiscal package. Not a rabbit comin’ outta that hat yet, more of a hamster…

–Kit Juckes, URGENT: European Leaders Agree Economic Growth Package, Société Générale S.A., 28 June 2012, 16:55pm EDT.

The follow-on to the $149 billion “plan to fuel growth” will be interesting. Analysis will be made; red carpets walked; and, photos shot. Some, not all, euro leaders will celebrate hopes of “growthiness.”

Europe does not need plans of growth, a hamster, a rabbit or a partridge in a pear tree.

The EU needs to find a 5-percent-plus of GDP here-and-now solution to make present burdens future and begin to change decades-entrenched behavior.

Merkel & Company need to pull a very large rabbit out of the short-term hat. Angela meet Darius. Discuss.

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