Clunky/Sexy Politics

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacts during the debate after her speech for the upcoming EU summit at the Bundestag in Berlin on Wednesday. Photograph by Markus Schreiber/AP Photo

For those of you lost in the clunky/sexy econ metaphor, here’s the gist: Eurozone countries mired in debt are women that lost their virginity before marriage. Germany is a wealthy man that can offer a lifetime of financial security but only wants to get with virgins. But the country is willing to consider born-again virgins. So Germany is forcing misbehaving countries to commit to abstinence from overspending, or austerity, before considering fiscal marriage.

—Bonnie Kavoussi, “Nouriel Roubini: Germany Is Punishing European Countries For Losing Their ‘Virginity,’” The Huffington Post, June 27, 2012

And, the Surveillance—we thank Ms. Kavoussi for the “gist.”

Lost in the uproar of my interview with Professor Roubini and Dr. Bremmer was the urgency of the moment.

Whatever you may think of the above game theory of vestal virgins, or Ian Bremmer’s immediacy of a post-hegemonic G-Zero world, one thing stands certain.

The experts are on a different timeline than the politicians of Europe. The experts are in the vicinity of Now focused on a set of doable solutions. The politicians?

They are out behind the garage, reading Playboy for the interviews (Krugman!). They peek, and do, clunky/sexy politics. Discuss.

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