TechShop: Paradise for Tinkerers

TechShop has turned the mania for tinkering into a growing franchise
Photographs by Brian Sorg for Bloomberg Businessweek; Wood: Getty Images(3)

On March 5, 2010, Patrick Buckley was overcome with the desire to build something. Apple had just announced the iPad, and he had an idea: a retro case for the tablet that had the look and feel of a hard-bound book. “In my mind, I needed to have a product and a website ready to go for that launch day,” he says. Buckley, 31, is a serial entrepreneur. He has built add-ons for Web browsers and co-wrote The Hungry Scientist Handbook, which is something like a cookbook for geeks. He’s done a Facebook app focused on high school sports, an early photo-sharing service, and “a mobile analytics platform.” Making an iPad case wasn’t like building a Web app, though. He needed tools. So he did what a lot of Silicon Valley geeks do: He went to a TechShop.

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