Read the Fax Romney Sent to a Laid-Off Worker

Today, the Obama reelection campaign is going after Mitt Romney for the Bain-led bankruptcy of Ampad, a Marion (Ind.) paper company that Bain acquired in 1994 and that eventually went bankrupt, costing hundreds of workers their jobs. One of those workers was Randy Johnson, who went on to bedevil Romney’s political career, popping up at inopportune moments to remind voters of the bankruptcy. (Johnson will be speaking to reporters today on a call arranged by the Obama campaign.) Bloomberg Businessweek’s Paul Barrett wrote the definitive story on Romney, Ampad, and Johnson, which you can read here. Among the documents Barrett turned up is this fascinating fax that Romney sent to Johnson, quasi-apologizing—though still denying culpability—for the Ampad bankruptcy and his lost job:

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