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MBA Jobs Outlook: Mixed Bag at Best

MBA Jobs Outlook: Mixed Bag at Best
Photograph by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

When the MBA Career Services Council (CSC) reported the results of its Fall 2011 survey in March, the outlook for 2012 MBA hiring was uncertain. Fewer schools reported an increase in on-campus recruiting, most of those that did reported modest ones, and the outlook in financial services and consulting—the two industries on most MBAs’ short list—was cloudy, if not outright grim. But all that appears to be changing. Emphasis on appears.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) on Monday released two reports: one on its 2012 survey of 1,096 recruiters at more than 800 companies in 40 countries, the other on its survey of 6,292 business students at 136 schools worldwide. Both were conducted in February and March, about six months after the CSC survey.