'Bully' Director Lee Hirsch on Mitt Romney's 'Prank'

Director Lee Hirsch attends a screening of "Bully" at the Pacific Design Center theater on March 19 in Los Angeles Photograph by Charley Galla/WireImage

My emotional take to news [reports that Mitt Romney bullied other students in high school] was: “Here was an incredible opportunity for him to really step up.” It could have been a very presidential moment. He could have said, “Forty years ago, we as a society looked at bullying as ‘kids will be kids’ and ‘boys will be boys.’ The reality is that this is no longer OK.” In a gentle way, I invited him to go see the film [Bully] and rethink how he might communicate around this. He’d have such enormous support if he said, “The way we looked at it then isn’t acceptable anymore.” It has nothing to do with politics. It’s something that’s deeply relevant in every community. Instead, he dismissed it as horsing around and pranking.

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