The One Weekend Tote

The all-in-one bag for splitting town in style
The understated Coach Bleecker Legacy Weekend Tote, made from cowhide, is available in five colors, including gray, red, and mahogany Photograph by Nick Ferrari for Bloomberg Businessweek

The Want: A large, durable, and boardroom-appropriate bag for lightning-fast packing and comfortable handling for summer Fridays, when it’s all about beating rush hour traffic for a beach weekend without looking like you had to kill yourself to get away.

The Get: With a classic leather patina that will grow more handsome with wear, this hand-burnishedVachetta tote will have a longer shelf life than your MacBook Pro. It can hold an accordion folder, gym clothes, beachwear, a laptop, and an extra pair of shoes. Its zip-top closure keeps contents dry and makes for checkable luggage at the airport. After Memorial Day, ditch the briefcase or messenger bag and pack the tote for work and the weekend all at once. (Bleecker Legacy Tote, $598;

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