Hasbro Board Games Go to the Movies

Hasbro’s Battleship and Candy Land are coming to the big screen
Illustration by 731

Many of today’s kids would rather slice and dice flying fruit on an iPhone than sit around a game board racing each other to buy Park Place. Brian Goldner, chief executive officer of Hasbro is betting he can revive old-fashioned games by hooking up with Hollywood. Battleship, a Universal Pictures film loosely based on the 69-year-old game of naval strategy, will dock at U.S. theaters on May 18. The movie, starring Liam Neeson and pop singer Rihanna, is a love story (not between the two of them) set against the backdrop of a seaborne alien invasion. While the screenplay may not win many accolades, Battleship has sold more than $200 million worth of tickets in Europe and Asia, where it premiered last month. Under its deal with Universal, the world’s No. 2 toymaker will get about 5 percent of Battleship ticket sales once the studio has recouped production costs.

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