B-School News Roundup

Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Finance Jobs Still a Safe Bet: For Hungry Students, Wall Street Still a Draw (FINS)

Egyptian Unrest a Boon to B-Schools: Arab Spring Good for UAE Business Schools (Gulf News)

Adapting to a New Demographic: Business Schools Come of Age (Financial Times)

A Young B-School Shifts Gears: Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School to Switch Focus to Health Care (Baltimore Business Journal)

Elementary School Students Put on Their B-School Caps: Schoolchildren Used Business School Skills to Build a Better Trebuchet (Globe and Mail)

Hands-On Experience at Target: Temple Class Offers HR Students a View of Real-World Retail (Philadelphia Inquirer)

A Black Market for Graduation Tickets: For Indiana University Business Grads, a Tough Final Lesson (Indianapolis Star)

The End of One B-School Student’s Saga: Columbia MBA Student Avoids Jail With Plea Deal (New York Post)

A Tweet With Dividends: Noida-Based Techie’s Tweet Wins $36,000 MBA Seat in U.S. (Economic Times)

INSEAD’s Gamble in the Middle East: In Abu Dhabi, a B-School’s Program Goes Adrift (Wall Street Journal)

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