B-School News Roundup

Architect’s illustration of the ISB campus in Mohali, India. Source: isb.edu

A Matchmaking Website for MBAs and Companies: Entrepreneurs Help Start-Ups to Meet Their MBA Match (Financial Times)

HEC’s New Curriculum: A New Paris Design (The Economist)

Advice for Chinese MBAs: 3 Tips for Prospective MBA Students from China (U.S. News & World Report)

A Green Competition: MBAs Compete for £5,000 Sustainable Business Prize (The Guardian)

Canadian B-School Hits Stumbling Block with India Campus: Plan B for Building a B-School in India (The Globe and Mail)

Indian School of Business’s Expansion Plans: Punjab’s First Blue-Chip B-School Opens (Business Standard)

MBA Students Lend a Hand to Teen Entrepreneur: A 13-Year-Old Enlists MBA Students to Build Her Start-Up (New York Times)

Great Expectations: Are You a Disappointed MBA? (CBS MoneyWatch)

The Founding Father of Behavioral Economics: Profile: Richard Thaler, University of Chicago Booth School of Business Professor (Chicago Tribune)

The Traveling Salesman: Texas Business School Teaching Door-to-Door Sales (Inc.)

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