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Kid CEOs: Teen Siblings Found 'Flipoutz' Bracelets

Kid CEOs: Teen Siblings Found 'Flipoutz' Bracelets
Photograph by Jeremy Lange for Bloomberg Businessweek

Traffic jams and sweltering weather usually make for unpleasant family car trips. The Johnson family of Charlotte, N.C., however, made the most of their time trapped in the car. Siblings Jake, 13, Lachlan, 16, and Erin, 18, are the entrepreneurs behind Flipoutz, a line of interactive bracelets made for kids.

“We came up with it on a long ride home from the beach,” explains Lachlan, a junior in high school. “We were all bickering in the back seat, and in an attempt for some peace, my parents asked us to come up with a toy we’d like to have.” So they killed time with a brainstorming session. “It turned into something so much bigger,” she adds. Emily, their mother, laughs. “We didn’t think we’d take it as far as we did,” she says.