B-School News Roundup

Photograph by Steve Jennings/WireImage

Rising to the Call: Students Take On Social Innovation Challenge (Financial Times)

B-School Students’ Struggle With Debt: To Pay off Loans, Grads Put off Marriage, Children (Wall Street Journal)

Professor Who Taught About Fraud Caught Red-Handed: Business Teacher in Shakopee Given 5 Years in Prison for $8M Fraud (Star Tribune)

Billionaire Columbia B-School Alum Gives Back: “Great Sense of Gratitude” Inspires $25 Million Gift from Hedge Fund Billionaire to Alma Mater (Forbes)

NYU B-School Students Try Their Hand at Music: The Soul of a New Ensemble: Musicians as Entrepreneurs (New York Times)

Zany Business Ideas in Action: 12 Outrageous Business Plans (Huffington Post)

MDs Flock to MBA Programs: Health System Changes Inspire More Med Students to Pursue Dual Degrees (American Medical News)

Differential Tuition Hits Business Majors Where It Hurts—Their Wallet: More Universities Charging More Tuition for Harder Majors (USA Today)

SEC Fines MIT B-School Professor and Son: Sloan Prof and Son in Hedge Fund Fraud (MIT’s The Tech)

Design Students Oust B-School Teams in Competition: Need to Solve a Tough Business Problem? Don’t Hire an MBA (Fast Company)

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