The One Windbreaker

An extra layer for temperamental weather
Photograph by Nick Ferrari for Bloomberg Businessweek

The Want: A lightweight jacket to help you cope with unpredictable seasonal fluctuations in temperature. It should be attractive enough for breezy spring weekends and insulated enough (and snug enough at the neck and wrists) to fight sudden chills during your morning commute.
The Get: With its retro bomber style, Stone Island’s Tyvek jacket is the perfect sturdy windbreaker. At 0.65 ounces per square yard, the material weighs less than printer paper, and it conveniently balls up to fit into pocket-size compartments. A special calendering finishing process gives the shell a smooth sheen. A nylon mesh inner lining serves as a thermal barrier against unforgiving elements. When a dress shirt alone is too light but a blazer is too heavy, this jacket is just right. ($463;

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