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MBA Journal: The Internship-Recruiting Cycle

MBA Journal: The Internship-Recruiting Cycle
Photograph by Scott Lewis/Bloomberg

If you sensed a disturbance in the air sometime around late January, it was Hurricane Recruiting touching down at Wharton. With the force of a thousand cover letters, she swept through University City, swirling students into and out of bland, windowless rooms known misleadingly as on-campus recruiting suites, leaving a trail of business cards and thank you e-mails in her wake.

When we last checked in regarding recruiting in January, I was just starting to apply for marketing jobs and was feeling anxious in the process. Back in November and December, I had attended about a dozen employer-information sessions, which were helpful and informative, as well as time-consuming and kind of nerve-wracking, particularly during meet-and-greet time at the end. I learned a lot about myself through this process—namely, that my reaction to formal social circumstances is to think of all the completely inappropriate things I could say and then try desperately not to say them.