Creating an MBA Time Capsule

Photograph by Corbis

A guest post from Roxanne Hori, associate dean of corporate partnerships at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. As head of Kellogg’s Career Management Center, Hori has more than 16 years’ experience counseling MBA students on careers.

I had the good fortune to attend two of our West Coast events for admitted students last week. I find these events incredibly energizing. They facilitate the convergence of successful alumni with admitted students who have either just made the decision to come to Kellogg or are on the verge of doing so.

At these events, I have the chance to talk with so many soon-to-be students about their hopes and goals. My only wish is that, once a person matriculates, they hold on to these goals and aspirations.

If you are part of this population that has applied and received the good news that you’ve been accepted to business school, I suggest that you write your dreams down. Keep them in a safe place. As you continue your career and life journey, they’ll be a valuable resource.

This is an amazing time and you are making a very big investment in yourself. Down the road, it will serve you well to remind yourself of what you fundamentally want.

Be a brave thinker. You’re just starting a new part of your journey. We all need guideposts on a trip. Let your current thoughts serve as those guideposts for you over the next few years.

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