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The NRA Aims at Lugar, Hits Supreme Court

The NRA Aims at Lugar, Hits Supreme Court
Photograph by Tom Williams/Roll Call

The National Rifle Association has won so many impressive political victories in recent years–encouraging states to loosen laws on carrying firearms and discouraging Congress from passing any new form of gun control–the group has had to stake out increasingly extreme positions just to find something to keep its constituents fired up. The latest illustration: the NRA’s online, television, and radio campaign to defeat Indiana’s senior Republican senator, Richard Lugar.

“Some things shouldn’t change,” the NRA says in the online version of the ad. “Like our Indiana heritage and values. Our pride in conservation and stewardship of the land. And the protection of our Second Amendment and hunting rights….But over his 36 years in Washington, Dick Lugar HAS changed…away from our shared values.”