Mime Management

Marcel Moszkowicz is the author of Mimes Don’t Need Words, Why Do You? Stop Talking, Paint Your Face, and Use Your Hands! (Harvard Business Press). On the New York Times bestseller list for 10 months, the book has been hailed as the most important management treatise of our generation. (“Paradigm shifting! Provocative! Visual Thinking on Steroids!” tweeted M. Kaan, principal, Ungepatched Consultants.)

Strategic Mime, the consulting firm founded by Moszkowicz, has helped an impressive list of clients (Kodak, Borders) work through complex problems using mime thinking. TMB contacted Moszkowicz to learn how simple gestures can sharpen our critical thinking and unlock our true potential. Unfortunately, Moszkowicz was unavailable—facial tics due to an exhausting book tour, according to his publicist—so we reached out to a member of the Mime Thinking Facebook page. Below is the edited transcript.

TMB: How does one teach mime thinking?

TMB: Explain how you communicate strategic goals to employees?

TMB: When someone fails to meet a goal, how do you get that message across in a way that is motivating?

TMB: Critics of mime management call it a “shallow fad.” How do you respond to such comments?

Model: Andrew Schuring/MSA. Makeup by Tara Pagliara. Styling: Doria Santlofer. Suit, shirt, tie, belt and shoes by Topman (mime); suit, shirt, tie and belt by Banana Republic (executive).

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