Louisville Basketball Wins! (The Money Game)

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino during game vs Michigan State at US Airways Center Photograph by John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals face a juggernaut tomorrow in their blood feud with John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats. Since the NBA mandated a minimum age of 19 for players in 2006, no coach has been more successful, or unapologetic, in turning his program into a one-year finishing school for NBA talent than Calipari. “I couldn’t tell [Bill] Gates, ‘Do you know what you did to the integrity of your school by coming out and starting Microsoft?’” he told USA Today in March. With six players on the roster who could be picked in the first round of the draft this summer, the Wildcats are 9-point favorites in Saturday’s Final Four semifinal game with Louisville.

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