Baltimore Might Sell Historic Landmarks to Raise Money

Photograph by PictureNet/Corbis

On Lanvale street in west Baltimore is a 174-year-old redbrick Greek Revival house with a charming white portico. It’s called the Upton Mansion, and it used to be the home of a 19th century U.S. senator named David Stewart. Later it served as the headquarters for one of Maryland’s oldest radio stations, WCAO, and after that it became the Baltimore Institute of the Musical Arts, one of the few African American schools at a time when other institutions did not accept them. In 2008, Baltimore added the building to its historic landmark list. A year later, the historical society Preservation Maryland marked it as an endangered site. That’s because today, Upton Mansion has boarded up windows and is surrounded by a chain link fence. Baltimore can’t afford to repair it. It has been vacant since at least 2006.

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