People Want to Live Here

Abu Dhabi raises salaries to compete with Dubai

Salaries in Abu Dhabi and Qatar are up to 30 per cent higher than counterparts in Dubai.

This is to attract candidates to the capital, which has a higher cost of living, a human resources expert said on Saturday.

James Sayer, Director of Central Europe and the Middle East at Robert Half International Inc, told Bloomberg that Abu Dhabi and Qatar are offering more money to tempt job seekers choosing Dubai.

Dubai is the most popular destination for people looking for work in the GCC.

Mr. Sayer said: When it comes to companies and doing business in the region, Dubai is still the preferred option because people want to live here and the infrastructure is great.

–Yahoo! News, Maktoob, NGI Context.

An Assessment of the Impact of Demand Management Strategies for Efficient Allocation of Airport Capacity

The critical next step is to devise intelligent mechanisms and incentives that will result in airlines gradually migrating their schedules from those in place today towards the delay-minimizing schedules presented in this paper, in the presence of market competition.

–MIT, Authors are unknown.

The very-above is the reality of the United Arab Emirates. The above is the Not-In-My-Backyard reality that MIT academics and the rest of us have to deal with.

Our airports and airlines are a collective joke and I say this with great respect for the persistent improvements at JFK, the finally! a better Logan in Boston and, the improvements at LaGuardia. (The “food” arrangement at the Marine Terminal was a singular embarrassment. It is now greatly improved.)

Our infrastructure is a national disgrace of lack of will, a dearth of blue-collar wages, and a nasty part of our capitalism.

Go to Dubai to see the first-order dream of placing a Heathrow in the desert. (Realities of low-wage India and Abu Dhabi’s well-oiled checkbook are noted.)

The blunt truth is each and every American should witness our 19th century in 21st-century Dubai.

DXB at 1:00 am is a sight to behold.

We are “gradually migrating” to an economy with a lesser infrastructure.

They are in search of a creek and a trading depot that understands one thing: people want to live here. Discuss.

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