Baseball’s Expanded Playoffs Are Good for Everyone But the Yankees and Red Sox

SABR's president weighs in on the plan for a 10-team playoff
Photograph by Tim Klein/Gallery Stock

Today Major League Baseball added two teams to the playoffs for the season that begins in April, a year earlier than the new collective bargaining agreement requires. Under the new format, each league will have two wild-card winners, instead of one, for a total of 10 playoff teams. The two wild-card winners will play a one-game playoff to meet the top-seeded division winners in their league. From there, the basic format will remain the same. We checked with Vince Gennaro—author of Diamonds Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball, a consultant to major league teams, and president of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)—to break down how the sport’s various constituencies will fare from the change.

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