Davy Made Us Dream

By all rights, rock critics should have hated them, but it was hard to hold steadfast to strict singer/songwriter ideals when outside writers were providing the group with hits as indelible as “Daydream Believer” (by Kingston Trio folkie John Stewart), “I’m a Believer” (Neil Diamond), and “Last Train to Clarksville” (Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart). McCartney couldn’t have done any better.

–Chris Willman, The Wrap, 29 February 2012

One of the great miracles in a long life, age 12, is learning chord changes on a guitar. There are six less-than tuned strings, a gentle cluelessness about how hard this will be and whatever the current song you adore.

George Martin produced The Beatles with a sophistication that was unapproachable.

Davy Jones and The  Monkees were not.

I nailed chord changes walking up Scot Tyler’s basement stairs. ( I I I I I’m not your steppin’ stone…E G A C.)

The Monkees were extraordinary. Willman is tuned and pitch-perfect to the Tiger Beat, zany, legit excellence of the moment.

We were not. We yearned to be the distant John, Paul, George and even Ringo. Closer, American and surrounded by Los Angeles’s best, Michael, Peter, Micky and even Davy made us dream. Discuss.

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